Part L

Part L Compliance

Building new today means a better house but also more pre planning work. We provide a complete Part L Compliance service from conception to compliance. Full costing and specification so you know which system is best for you.

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BER Assessment

Building Energy Rating (BER) allows you assess the energy efficiency of your home and identify where you can stsrt to save money now and for the long term. We provide a full BER assessment service with expert advice on on energy saving.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Which renewable energy is right for your home or your business? We present you with all your options, detailing pros and cons, making your choice clear and easy

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Home Energy Report

A home energy report to find out how to reduce your energy bills and make your home sustainable.

Renewable Energy Report

Produce your own clean and renewable energy.

Part L Energy Specification

Energy system specification to comply with Part L of the building regulations

Home Energy Reports

A Home Energy Report from EnergyManager is perfect if you want to know how much are you spending on energy a year and what you can do to reduce it? Our home energy reports also inform you how best to reduce your carbon emissions and make your more sustainable.

The home energy report answers questions like; should you go with solar panels or a heat pump? A new oil boiler or switch to biomass? Or a mix of everything?

We are here to help you make the right choice for you.  An energy report from Energy Manager Ireland comes with all the information you need to know in order to reduce your spend on energy and also reduce your CO2 emissions.  We can also help with the Energy Audit Scheme if you are a large commercial enterprise.  More info from SEAI

Energy Upgrades for houses on sale.

If you are selling your home ,

Home Energy Report

BER Rating

a higher BER score demands a higher price. It is well worth investing in upgrading the energy performance of the building as it will result in a quicker and easier sale at a higher price.  Our Home Energy Reports will identify where your best returns will be and give you the information you need to make the correct energy upgrade choices.

NZEB and Part L Compliance

When building new there is a requirement to design the building with a minimum level of energy efficiency.  There is also a requirement to install a minimum amount of renewable energy generation relative to the size of the house.  Or Energy Reports provide preliminary BER assessments from building plans which detail the energy system you require to be compliant.  We cost out everything so you will be getting a specification that suits your budget and your building with no surprises at the end of the build.

Technical Advisor for Heat Pump Grants

A new heat pump grant has been made available for existing houses.  Homeowners who wish to upgrade their existing heating systems to a heat pump can apply for the grant.  More information on the heat pump grant is available here:

Renewable Energy

There are many renewable and low energy technologies available on the market and knowing which one to choose can be a daunting task.  Our Home Energy Reports specialise in making that choice easy.  We have over 10 years experience researching, specifying and project managing renewable and low energy projects.  We examine energy production, running costs and paybacks and present a report to you specific to your project.

Electric Vehicles and renewable energy go hand in hand particularly with solar panels.  If you have an Electric vehicle or are thinking about one please see for information on Electric vehicle car chargers.