Solar Panels for the moon!

Solar Panels for the moon!

Solar Panels on the moon

We saw this story about solar panels on the moon and thought it was worth sharing – if you’re thinking about solar panels here is something worth thinking about. A Japanese company is looking to solve Japan’s energy issues using solar panels. They would like to construct a belt of solar panels around the moon and then send the supply of energy from the solar panels to Earth using lasers.  James Bond eat your heart out.

solar panels on the moon

They have dubbed this the “Luna Ring”  and the huge ring of solar panels would be capable of sending 13,000 TW of power to Earth.

Japan relied heavily on nuclear power until the disastrous Tsunami caused the destruction of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.  Public opposition to Nuclear has increased in the ensuing years, as the government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. attempt to bring the plant’s reactors under control. Japan is now looking for other ways of producing energy without the risks associated with Fossil Fuels and Nuclear. Electricity produced from solar panels is an obvious part of the solution leading Shimzu to consider the brave notion of installing solar panels on the moon.

Robots with equipment designed for use in space would be developed to use the moon’s resources and produce  the solar cells required for the scheme.

When finished, the belt of solar panels would cover 6,800 miles around the moon and provide constant exposure for the solar panels to the sun giving a uninterrupted supply of solar panel electricity to the Earth.

Shimizu believes that “virtually inexhaustible, non-polluting solar energy is the ultimate source of green energy”.


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